Fairness, equality and justice in education are what drive me.

John has a great track record

  • Delivering for members for 15 years
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • A great relationship with branches, officers and schools, and a deep commitment to members in Northern Ireland as well as in the South
  • John works in school every day and is fully aware of the challenges teachers meet on a daily basis

Ideal characteristics for the position

  • Ability to inspire, persuade and delegate. Confidence, creativity, empathy, intuition, sense of humour and a positive attitude.
  • Capacity to communicate effectively and listen attentively. John is very honest – he tells the truth at all times and acts according to his moral values.
  • In-depth knowledge of trade union laws and industrial relations practices. He has the ability to resolve disputes effectively and in a timely manner.
  • Ability to gather information from a wide network of experts and sources both inside and outside the union to solve complex problems.
  • And he has great knowledge of the work of the Departments of Education, school management and especially of all of the different settings where INTO members work and of the many challenges teachers face.

Vote John Boyle for General Secretary

  • Expert media performer and a great orator
  • Experienced Leader and Manager of Staff
  • Unifying Force
  • Good at building, maintaining and effectively handling relationships with key stakeholders for the benefit of fellow teachers and the union.
  • Strong on fairness, equality and justice.
  • Passionate about education and truly believes the the way out of poverty is to liberate minds to make a better society.
  • Believes in education as a vehicle for social justice.