Vote No 1 John Boyle For INTO General Secretary
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Northern Ireland Priorities

Dear Colleague,
I thank you for your vote in the election for INTO President 2017-18 and ask you to vote for me again in the forthcoming election for INTO General Secretary.

Having been born and reared in Donegal, I have a keen interest in Northern Ireland and through my involvement in INTO and primary schools G.A.A., I have a close affinity with teachers in Northern Ireland. Through my work on the Central Executive Committee and having regularly attended Northern Conference, I am fully aware of the challenges colleagues in Northern Ireland face.I have kept abreast of issues for our members in Northern Ireland throughout my Presidency and have supported Northern Committee any way I could. I will outline my priorities for all teachers in my election literature.

If elected General Secretary, I will campaign specifically for the following improvements for members in Northern Ireland:

  • Delivery of promised  pay increases and negotiation of further increases.
  • Introduction of Investment In Teaching Workforce Scheme and of financial incentives for teachers in challenging schools similar to scheme in England and Wales.
  • Reduction in bureaucracy, form filling and so called accountability with a view to lessening workload.
  • Ending of unregulated selection systems for post-primary schools.
  • Building strong links between INTO members north and south and between INTO/UTU.
  • Increased involvement of young teachers at Branch and District level.

I  have worked closely with  Gerry Murphy, Northern Secretary, Northern Committee, Northern office officials, District 1 & 2 Representatives and with Branch and District officers in the North. I believe that I am best attuned to the needs of modern day teachers. At 54 years of age, having been involved in leadership all my life, I feel I have a wealth of experience, boundless energy and abundant ability to bring to the position of INTO General Secretary.

Thank you very much for all of your assistance during the election campaign.



 My Priorities:

1 Salary and Allowances Uplift / Pay Restoration Process

2 Teacher Employment & Mobility

3 Understanding, appreciation and reduction of teacher workload

4 Reversal of Education Cuts

5 Delivery of 'Investment In Teaching Workforce Scheme'

6 Support of Special Education

7 Appropriate funding for educational disadvantage

8 Modernised school accommodation with properly resourced 21st century classrooms

9 Workplace Assault and sick leave arrangements

10 Improved Area Planning

11 More teacher discretion to make better decisions for pupils

12 Effective substitution scheme

13 Advance planning for teacher supply and school accommodation

14 Improved services and communication systems for members

15 Re-positioning of the role of teachers in  society & positive press for our profession

I will ensure you are represented by a high performance negotiating team that will campaign for real investment in education and commit to lasting improvement in the lives of teachers.I always put teachers first and am prepared to stand up and fight for teachers. I will make you proud to be a member of INTO.

© 2018 John Boyle

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