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Dear Colleague,

Thank you for voting for me in the election for INTO President last year. I always believed that I had the necessary leadership skills, experience and energy for this important position and am delighted that I was able to give my full commitment to it for twelve months. Once again I ask for your support in an election for INTO leadership. But this time it's for the position of General Secretary to succeed Sheila Nunan, who will retire next Summer. 

I have served the INTO at all levels School, Branch, District, Central Executive Committee, Vice-Presidency and Presidency. While representing your views in the last year, I was well aware of the ever-increasing demands being made of teachers. I agreed wholeheartedly with Barack Obama who once said :

‘We can stop talking about how great teachers are and start rewarding them for their greatness’

As President, I was at the forefront in the fight to restore teachers salaries and conditions to 2008 levels . Throughout my life as a community activist, teacher, home-school-community liaison coordinator, principal teacher and trade union representative, I have always sought to make a positive difference to the lives of those around me. I did everything in my power to improve the lives of teaching colleagues and by extension those of retired colleagues.

I am convinced that our future economic plans must be predicated on sustainable societal
development. Irish citizens must never again accept the liberal free-market model with its suicidal speculation and pursuit of economic growth for its own sake without regard to sustainability. The self-destruction of neo-liberalism brought the Irish economy and Irish society to the brink. Now as the economy grows significantly, at a social level the country needs to decide what level of public service provision it wants and make the commitment to fund those services from a tax base which is itself sustainable. As a member of the Central Executive Committee I am proud of the influence we had on recent budgets and am determined to keep pressurising politicians to deliver for teachers and for primary education in October's budget 2019.

‘Ways must be found to protect the quality of our education and the goal of achieving access for all to education. Education is the key if we are to maintain momentum in strengthening innovation and knowledge skills….That in turn is vital to create employment’  -Former President Mary Robinson August 2009

I believe that the teacher unions must stand up and fight for investment in teachers now more than ever. Our members will not accept anything less. We must prioritise the protection of teachers’ jobs especially now that enrolments are due to decline. What a great opportunity for government to address so many staffing issues= lower class sizes, additional support teachers, supply panels, expansion of DEIS scheme to name but a few. But the thousands who have entered the profession since 2011 MUST BE PAID EQUALLY. We must redouble our efforts to restore our members’ salaries and conditions of service and we must guarantee full pension entitlements to all who spend 40 years in teaching. It also behoves us to protect the education system for future generations of pupils and teachers. In that regard the fight for the retention of rural schools has to be a key priority. In order to achieve these objectives our union leadership must galvanise the grassroots membership. We must strengthen the connection with members through better communication, increased participation and by attracting more positive press for the profession. Having elected me as your President from Easter 2017 to Easter 2018, I hope I helped to make you proud to be a member of INTO during the best year for teachers in a decade.

Having experienced the last eighteen years of unprecedented cultural change as principal of one of Ireland’s largest schools and having witnessed during the recession the dismantling of so much of what we achieved since 2000, I was determined to lead the charge of teachers in the battle to regain what we lost, to retain what’s good and to further develop the education system. I worked tirelessly to build alliances with other unions in order to secure a better Ireland, one that is sustainable, economically efficient and socially just. The challenge was significant, but not daunting. 

I am honoured to have served you as INTO President during the 150th year of our organisation and thank you for placing your trust in me. I would really appreciate if you would give me your first preference vote in the election for General Secretary at your branch nomination meeting in October and in the postal ballot before Christmas 2018.

Míle buiochas.

- John Boyle



© 2018 John Boyle

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