Vote No 1 John Boyle For INTO General Secretary
Effective Energetic Experienced Leadership

What John Boyle gives you and the INTO:

By John Boyle, Monday, 25th July 2016 | 1 comments
  • A tireless worker who will get up and stand up for your rights.
  • A determined individual with no political affiliations, who has given undivided attention to teaching and to the INTO all through his career and has very effectively represented teachers in rural and urban schools on the Central Executive Committee for the last fifteen years, as Vice-President, President and now Ex-President.
  • A spirited spokesperson, who has built up a strong reputation for articulating the concerns of colleagues and for resolutely defending teachers on television, radio and in the print media.
  • A typical teacher, who has, like you, thanklessly transformed the education system, experienced the pain of pay cuts and education cuts in recent years and who was no longer prepared to be a scapegoat for the sins of speculators, so fought to restore pay.
  • A seasoned campaigner, who has championed the cause of teachers for 32 years, who fervently fights attacks on teachers’ conditions, who will continue to demand higher investment in education and who has a winning mentality.
  • An influential INTO activist, who never fears to negotiate and has successfully represented teachers at the highest level in fruitful engagements with Managerial Authorities, Parents’ Representatives and Ministers for Education & Skills.
  • A diligent community, educational and trade union leader, born in Donegal in the 60s, who attended a small Gaeltacht school in the 70s, was a student organiser at St. Patrick’s College in the 80s, taught and worked in a disadvantaged community in the 90s, led one of Ireland’s largest schools in the ‘noughties’ and, therefore, has a great understanding and appreciation of the work of class teachers, resource teachers and principal teachers.
  • An energetic 53 year old, who was prepared to be seconded from the school principalship he loves in order to give his all, for a year as a full-time servant to the 43,000 teachers he represented, because as far as he is concerned the best moment he spends is the one he invests in people.
  • A committed educationalist, who fought tooth and nail for teachers : for equal and better salaries, extra jobs, secure pensions, rewards for professional development, improved promotional opportunities and proper remuneration for school leaders.
  • A passionate protagonist, who fights for small schools, class teachers, special education, school leadership and educational disadvantage; who will improve school accommodation, inservice training, substitution services, probation and induction processes,better redeployment rights and who will seek the restoration of allowances, as well as continuing the modernisation of members’ services, communication systems and trade union training.
  • An INTO leader, who generated positive press for the profession, restored teacher autonomy, ring-fenced teachers’ contracts and who has repositioned the role of teachers in Irish society.


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Sunday, 29th November 2009 - Perma Link #122
Ciara Conlon

You have my vote John. Best person for the job.

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